Let’s Get Started

Hello, world. (Get it?) I’ve decided to write a blog about the iOS, OS X, Apple and technology landscape because, as my wife says, “Yes. The world needs another blog like that.” I’m excited to get started. My goal is to have a mix of content ranging from short, off-the-cuff posts to essays and tutorials. I make no promises on how often I’ll post or how relevant the content will be—I wouldn’t want anyone to expect too much from me. ;)

The Blog

The idea for this blog came around in January 2015. I had been bouncing it around for a while and finally decided to get started during some much-needed vacation time. I’ve been wanting to write about tech for a while and although it might seem earnest, I’m excited.

Why I Don’t Have Comments On

I batted around the idea of enabling comments originally, but decided against them. There are a few reasons why, but ultimately I felt that they didn’t fit within the structure of the site I was envisioning. Also, I figured if you’re really mad at me you can just yell at me on Twitter. That’s pretty much what everyone else does anyway.

Update: I thought I would it with comments on. I’m using Disqus because basically everyone on the planet is these days.

That’s about it for now. Are you ready? I am. Let’s get started!